3 v 3 Basketball


Court: Main goals in Thresher Gymnasium.


Game Length: Play the best two out of three games.  Games will be scheduled 45 minutes apart.


Scoring: Games are played first to 15, win by two.  The third game is played first to 11, win by two.  Games are scored by ones and twos.


Fouls: Call your own fouls and violations.


Rosters: Max of 5 per team


  • All other rules of basketball apply, including fouls and other violations.
  • After your game is over, the winning team’s captain must report their victory to someone on the intramural staff that is present.
  • The tournament makeup will depend on the number of teams that sign up.
  • If you need to reschedule a game, since it is call your own fouls, you can reschedule whenever.  Please let Eric know you will not make your assigned time beforehand and also the outcome of the game when you are finished.  Please play any rescheduled games as soon as possible. Thanks.